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The Problem

Patient presses nurse call button for help

The call is received at the nurse station

No insight into the need or severity of the call

If no one is at the desk, the call is unanswered

Many calls remain active for an excessive amount of time and when answered, nurses have to walk back and forth many times to bring the supplies and devices needed to provide care

The Solution

Hospi-Call allows patients to receive prompt and efficient care from their care team through automatic delegation and triaging of all nurse calls received by the department.

System Features


A personalized app for each patient that facilitates direct communication

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Emergency calls sent to the entire department


Prompt care and response


Customized requests and severity for any department


Pain scale with reminders

for nurses


Care team archives for control and documentation


Management System

The system oversees the department requests and tracks activity.

​The system prioritizes the requests based on urgency 

and delegates them to the care team, support staff and others according to the patient’s needs.

The system includes staff and room management.