• Sam Bolen

What happened when states opened up early?

COVID-19 has been the story of 2020. With 37.5 million active cases and 1.08 million deaths worldwide, countries and states all over the world have had to establish quarantine protocols. Despite the warnings from the CDC and the WHO, some states in the US have decided to “open up” early and lower their pandemic safety measures.

As of October 13th, all 50 states have started to open up and lower their quarantine restrictions. Restaurants and bars opening and seating at 50% capacity or only outside. Large gatherings are beginning to open such as professional sporting events like NFL games. Some states decided to open up and severely lower their restrictions. Those states are feeling the aftermath of that decision in a very negative way.

According to the New York Times, there are currently six states whose governors decided to reopen their states as early as April 30th. California Governor Gavin Newsom decided to let counties across the state reopen some business sectors on May 25th. Over the summer, a drastic increase in new cases forced Governor Newsom to quickly reverse his decision and order the closing of bars and indoor activities across the state. Texas Governor Greg Abbott made a similar decision and opened up counties across the state on May 1st. Just like in California, a surge in cases over the summer forced Governor Abbott to reverse his decision and start closing businesses again and encouraged people in Texas to stay at home and wear masks.

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