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The Republican and Democratic Parties Plan for American Health Care

On November 3rd, we are going to be casting our ballots and deciding on a new President. Of the many important issues our country is facing today, health care for the American people is one of the most important. Both the Republican candidate President Donald Trump and the Democratic candidate VP Joe Biden have come out with their respective plans to better the health care in the United States; and as expected, they are very different.

Donald Trump’s plan is centered around repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) first implemented by President Obama in March 2010. Trump’s plan is to repeal the ACA to replace it with his plan called “Healthcare Reform to Make America Great Again.” The proposed reforms in Trump’s plan include allowing individuals to deduct the full amount of health insurance premiums from their federal tax returns, block grants for state Medicaid programs, and allowing insurers to sell insurance across state lines. In a brief written by The CommonWealth Fund in 2016, Donald Trump’s proposed plan would increase the number of uninsured patients from 16 million to 25 million, individual market insurance plan’s out of pocket costs would increase, and the federal deficit would increase by $0.5 billion.

Joe Biden’s plan for better health care in the United States involves an expansion of President Obama’s ACA. He plans on doing this by increasing marketplace subsidies, adopting an auto-enrollment plan, and offering a new public option for those people with individual care or employer coverage. His plan would also lower the Medicare age from 65 down to 60. According to an article written by Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, Biden’s plan would cost around $2.25 trillion over 10 years while saving $450 billion in costs and add $1.35 trillion to budget deficits. In addition to finance reform, Biden’s plan would extend health care coverage to 15-20 million more people.

Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s plans for improving healthcare have their pros and cons. Before casting your ballot on November 3rd, make sure to educate yourself on both candidate’s plans to make an informed decision. Visit for more information about registering to vote.

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