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Pfizer Announces 90% Efficacy

Since 1796 when Edward Jenner introduced the first vaccine against Small Pox, vaccines have been created and used all over the world to help combat various diseases. The human body has its own defense systems against pathogens such as our skin, mucus, and cilia to help to prevent foreign bodies from entering our system. Despite these protections, some pathogens are too strong for our bodies ’ natural defenses. Vaccines contain weakened or inactive parts of a particular pathogen to trigger the body’s own immune response to fight off the disease. At this point, there are a few companies very close to releasing a vaccine to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic, but Pfizer is the closest and has the most promising option.

On November 9th, Pfizer pharmaceutical company announced that its COVID-19 vaccine has reached above 90% efficacy in preventing the disease for those volunteers who showed no evidence of previous COVID-19 infection. According to a New York Times article, Pfizer’s next step is to ask the FDA for emergency authorization of their two-dose vaccine after the company finishes collecting the required 2 months of safety data. Company executives also said by the end of 2020 Pfizer would have produced enough doses to innoculate 15-20 million people. This achievement by Pfizer puts them in a category separate from the rest, creating an effective vaccine in 1 year when normally the development process takes 10-15 years.

Despite the very promising results by Pfizer, scientists all over the world are cautioning to take those results with a grain of salt. Before we hype up this vaccine we need to see the long-term safety data as well as learn how long the effects of the vaccine will last in a person. Pfizer’s vaccine results not only reflect well on the company’s trials and efforts but also show a positive result for other drug companies producing a vaccine. Moderna, in particular, uses similar technology as Pfizer and has created a similar vaccine and they expect to find results later this week.

Vaccines have been an integral part of keeping people safe from diseases for over 200 years and have proven to be extremely effective. Hospi-Call’s hospital efficiency software is also a proven solution to administrative problems almost every hospital is facing. Through increased communication, increased nurse efficiency, and customizable apps, Hospitals all over the world can increase patient satisfaction and help provide the best care possible.

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