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Israeli Medtech Company Develops New Rapid COVID-19 Test

While unprecedented medical emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic can be sources of pain and suffering, they can also be the driving force behind incredible innovations and technologies. Situations like the one we are facing today force us to adapt, think outside the box, and think of new ways to solve issues. One Israeli medical technology company, AID Genomics, has been applying this philosophy to the development of a new COVID test. The advantage of AID Genomic’s test is that it can produce results in around one third the time of the most advanced test currently available, giving results in as few as 30 minutes.

In addition to allowing for rapid results, AID Genomics hopes to alleviate some of the financial inequality faced when it comes to testing. The current fastest test, which gives results in 90 minutes, is considered exclusive due to its high cost. AID Genomics hopes that cost will not be a limiting factor in what types of facilities and regions can use their testing kits. As of now, the testing kits have been sent out for approval by various bodies such as the U.S. FDA.

If approved, AID Genomics hopes that this test could be an influential part of the world returning to some sense of normalcy. Because the test results can come back in as few as 30 minutes, testing can occur before an event, allowing for organizers to proceed safely and with confidence that the risk of spread of COVID-19 will be greatly minimized. Izhak Haviv, the chief scientist of AID Genomics, said “Movie sets, for example, aren’t filming, but if everyone can get tested in the morning, they can know within half an hour if everyone is clean, and start filming.”

Innovation such as this is an instrumental part of creating a future with more efficient patient care, better treatments, and a healthier world. Hospi-Call is dedicated to this mission through the advancement of medical technology, allowing hospitals to become more efficient, better provide for their patients and take in more patients, all while reducing costs. Hospitals and other Healthcare Facilities can use the Hosp-Call platform to better care for their existing patients and ensure more efficient treatment for future patients.


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