• Sam Bolen

How Small Businesses are being affected by COVID-19

COVID-19 has put an extra strain on the economy. Large corporations have had layoffs and have had to temporarily or permanently close offices across the world. Small businesses might be feeling the impact of COVID-19 harder than anyone.

According to a recent poll conducted by Goldman Sachs in March of 2020, 51% of small businesses of the 1,500 interviewed said they believe their business will only be able to operate from 0-3 months. 75% of those businesses interviewed said they have been impacted by fewer sales. Temporary closings and a lack of resources is a major obstacle for small businesses to overcome. Large corporations have the ability to still conduct business due to remote work. Small businesses don’t always have this ability because of the industry they are in and a lack of resources. In the same Goldman Sachs poll, 53% of businesses said their employees had no way of telecommuting to work.

According to a recent MetLife and US Chamber of Commerce poll, over 82% of small business owners are concerned about the impact that COVID-19 will have on their future. Small businesses all over the country are feeling the impact of COVID-19 with temporary closings, losses in sales, and laying off employees. Hospitals all over the country are feeling the impact of the pandemic with overstaffed nurses, over packed hospitals, and low patient satisfaction. With our easy to use and customizable platform, Hospi-Call can help hospitals all over the country combat the pandemic with easy to use apps, increased efficiency, and better communication.


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