• Sam Bolen

How Schools are handling COVID-19

COVID-19 has presented the world with challenge after challenge. We as people have had to adjust and overcome these obstacles. Wearing masks, social distancing, and stay at home orders were the first step. As time moved on the country started to allow for restaurants and bars to open up as well as public places. One major obstacle to overcome is how we are going to keep schools safe for kids to receive their education.

A lot of schools around the country are shifting their classes to either synchronous or fully online classes using zoom or similar video chat platforms. At Towson University in Maryland, classes began as synchronous but quickly moved to fully online after a spike in positive COVID-19 tests. At the high school level, some schools are trying other methods to keep their students and teachers safe from the pandemic.

At Horace Greeley High School in Westchester NY, the students are doing a combination of going into the classroom and calling in from home into class. Max Bolen, a junior at Horace Greeley spoke to us and helped explain how school is working for him. “All teachers are required to go to school full day unless they have a medical note. Each day has 2 halves, morning, and afternoon. Each half of the day 1/3 students go to school and 2/3 students are at home. Since ⅔ of the students are at home, most teachers end up just teaching for the zoom and the people in the class are like an afterthought.” Based on this description, some schools are handling the pandemic better than others.

Just like how schools are adjusting their ways to combat COVID-19, Hospi-Call will help adjust Hospitals to combat COVID-19 by reducing wait times for patients, streamlining nurse workload, and overall increasing patient satisfaction through quality and effective care.

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