• Sam Bolen

COVID-19 and Professional Sports

Professional sports are widely coveted in our society. We follow and love our teams and we view our favorite athletes as almost superhuman. With professional sports coming back, each league is adjusting and moving forward in its own way.

After closing down the season in March, the NBA playoffs are now back in full swing in ‘the bubble’ as the NBA is calling it. Every team competing for a playoff spot was sent to Orlando Florida where the NBA has set up its practice and game facilities. The NBA has set up strict rules for players, coaches, and referees to follow such as not being allowed to leave the bubble, no visitors to the bubble, and consistent testing. The biggest and most noticeable rule addition is fans not being allowed at games. Instead of in-person fans, the NBA has decided to include virtual fans on the big screens at the games. Fans are chosen for each game to video call in and be featured on the big screens and on TV.

The NFL is also starting back up and just like the NBA, commissioner Roger Goodell has implemented some rule changes for COVID. In a normal season, each NFL team plays 4 pre-season games before the season starts but this season there were no pre-season games played. In addition to no pre-season, all coaches and referees are required to wear masks on the field, and all players and coaches are required to be tested weekly. Fans in attendance at NFL games is a little different than the NBA. Instead of virtual fans in attendance, the NFL is allowing each team to decide if they will allow fans in attendance. Only 6 of the 32 NFL teams have planned on having some fan attendance but all stadiums are going to feature crowd noise to give the illusion of fans in the stadium.

Our favorite professional sports leagues are ensuring the safety and health of its players and coaches with rigorous rules and restrictions to try and keep our favorite sports playing for the season. Hospi-Call can help Hospitals all over the country stay open and running through the pandemic with an easy to use and customizable platform, increased efficiency, and better communication for everyone.


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