• Sam Bolen

COVID-19 Across The World

COVID-19 has swept through the world like nothing we have seen before. All countries from the very rich first world through struggling third world countries are both experiencing and navigating the pandemic. Though these places might be experiencing the same world health crisis, each country is dealing with the disease in its own way.

In the United States, the country has been in a state of national emergency since President Trump declared it on March 13th, and since there have been a series of small business closings, various stay at home orders, and requirements to wear a face mask when out in public. By March 26th, the US was leading the world in confirmed cases even with the restrictions put in place. On the other side, third world countries are dealing with the pandemic in a very different way. Smaller and poorer less developed countries all over the world are calling for help from richer more developed countries to assist in the containment of the disease. These countries do not have enough resources to properly fund their own relief efforts, testing facilities, and proper masks. In countries like El Salvador, curfews are being enforced by roaming gangs wielding baseball bats. In Ecuador, bodies were left in the streets of the country’s largest city, Guayaquil.

Combating the pandemic is a challenge for all countries, rich or poor. Hospitals are overrun with people and nurses are overworked due to understaffing. Hospi-Call can help hospitals all over the world combat COVID-19 by helping cut costs, make nurses more efficient, and improve the patient experience. We hope to come out on the other side of this stronger, smarter, and healthier than ever before.


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