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Board of Advisors

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Dan Peck

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Dan Peck is a successful entrepreneur and investor who holds degrees from Princeton University and Columbia University. He has created multiple successful ventures and began a consulting firm specializing in entrepreneurship.

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Yossi Tsuria

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Yossi holds a master's degree for Applied Mathematics from the Weizmann Institute and is a high-tech entrepreneur. In 1988, he founded NDS, a global leader in PayTV, which sold to Cisco in 2012 for $ 5 billion.


Michal Ophir

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With over a decade of experience in EdTech, UX design and social activism, Michal engages in the initiation and development of educational ventures with technological innovation for organizations, educational institutions and academia of Israel and the Diaspora.

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Improving patient care through custom apps
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Avraham Poupko

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Avraham Poupko, the CTO of Hospi-Call, is an AI, Machine Learning, and Cybersecurity expert. With almost 20 years of experience, he is currently a Lead Architect at Synamedia. Avraham holds a triple major degree from the Hebrew University and a Masters from the Open University in Tel Aviv.

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Dean Shilo


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Dean Shilo, CEO of Hospi-Call holds a degree in BA with a concentration in Project Management and Business Analysis and has experience at three other successful startups.


Hilma Tech develops innovative applications and solutions in the areas of welfare, education, and health that benefit disadvantaged populations and social organizations while maintaining a measurable business model with economic feasibility. They provided the R&D to develop our MVP, Hospi-Call, coded for maternity wards.


In partnership with AMIT, their vision is to place Israel as the leader in the development of social tech solutions. The organization is unique in that it is composed of highly qualified and motivated young Israelis who were hand-picked to join Hilma as part of their National Service.