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Improving patient care through custom apps

Hospi-Call is addressing the most pressing issues facing patient care today.   See how:


The Hospi-Call system facilitates direct communication between the patient and their care team

The system sends specified requests that are triaged and delegated to the appropriate care team member.



The Hospi-Call system can help saves lives through its easy to use platform, suitable for all types of smartphones and tablets


Specific call

The care team receives a defined call from the patient, as opposed to the generic department bell that does not let the nurse know the nature of the call. These can range anywhere from a cup of tea, to shortness of breath.


Call Accepted

The patient receives a notification that the call was accepted, providing assurance that someone is on the way. The department bell gave no indication if a staff member was going to tend to a call, causing the patient to repeatedly push the nurse call button.


Nurse Reminders

The system sends reminders to the nurses about ongoing treatments that need to be tended to, such as tracking test results, pain check-ups, and many more, reducing the nurses cognitive load. 


Easy Accessibility

Both patients and staff members can operate the system directly from their personal cell phones.


Call is Redirected

The call is redirected to the appropriate professional in charge of the room and the patient’s care; the nurse, breastfeeding consultant, doctor, etc. In the case of emergencies, the call is directed to everyone. This system is more effective than  the current system with a department bell, which contacts all department staff for all requests.


Language Support

The app supports different languages, closing the language barrier between patient and staff.



The patients report their experiences via a computerized feedback survey once released from the hospital. The hospital database automatically saves the survey.


Patient Escort

The system can be designed to support patients before they are admitted to the hospital and after they are discharged. This facilitates ongoing patient care and helps reduce re-admission rates.


Completely Silent

The system is quiet and personal, only alerting the appropriate staff members. The ringing bell, in comparison, could consistently be heard throughout the hospital by all, disrupting the staff’s work and other patients’ sleep.


Pain Level

The system is capable of reporting the pain level of the patient sending a notification in accordance with the level.


Care Instructions

Patients can watch instructional videos related to their personal care and respective hospital department.



An integrated management system for the department and hospital staff includes data insights and reporting regarding the speed of treatment, types of calls, and availability of rooms. This helps hospitals better understand their resource allocation.

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Hospi-Call was developed in partnership with the maternity department of Hadassah Hospital, Mt. Scopus. As of January 2020, the department and its nurses are enjoying the benefits of this technological innovation

The system can be customized to any hospital, department, or healthcare facility

This product was developed

at Hilma - tech for impact

Hilma is a nonprofit organization founded by high-tech executives in 2018 to make Israel a global leader in social high-tech (Social-Tech).

Hilma develops technological solutions in the fields of health, education and welfare, with a focus on disadvantaged populations and people with disabilities.  We are instituting technological and social leadership among the talented youth, cultivating a generation of people who will lead this social change.

Hilma is developing the technological solutions for other nonprofit organizations, hospitals, and government offices. In this way, we empower both the disadvantaged/disabled people who use the technological solutions, and social service providers in Israel.
Hilma has a vibrant development center in Jerusalem that consists of 60 young developers -
50 of them are women!

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